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“Moreover, brethren, I would not that ye should be ignorant, how that all our fathers were under the cloud, and all passed through the sea; and were all immersed unto Moses in the cloud and in the sea; and did all eat the same spiritual food; and did all drink the same spiritual drink; for they drank of that spiritual Rock that went with them; and that Rock was the Messiah.” Traina-Holy Name Bible I Corinthians 10:1-5

You might wonder why many of these discussions will concern Paul's teachings in such great detail; did Paul become a Merkavah Mystic on the road to Damascus? Or was an ancient flow of energy and Chockmah breathed into his soul which filled him with an ancient lost teaching that began to change his mind and body from the inside out, an archaic concept many heard of, but never experienced. What initiates the transformation process is the fact that an emanated Archetypal Heavenly figure he actually did see, spoke to him on the road that day right in presence of others, yet none but one witnessed the event. Today, there are many things that people do not see or hear, because they are simply not of ‘this world’; a theme that the first century community in Galilee and surrounding areas of the apostolic movement, reflected upon often due to its mysterious harbinger. These hidden so called ‘esoteric’ doctrines, were really reflections of spiritual thought finding its way in all literature and philosophy, weaving its way into the fabric of our conscious mind, it works it’s work in us unseen and unheard at first. But, after the encounter and experience with the angel that Jacob struggles with to this day, one is never the same, hence Saul became Paul. The change of names is not unique to Paul or Peter, it goes as far back as when Moses, (an Egyptian name – Yehoachim Yah Establishes is original name), and even to Yehoachim there was a struggle and a victory. This weaving of artificial concepts in religious and scientific doctrines and theories helps to perpetuate a mysteriousness that need not be a stumbling stone, if we bear in mind that many names, places, things have been renamed and reassigned new expressions.

The key to unravel the knots is to go back to the beginning or the etymology of a name or thing to analyze its original meaning and intent for its own period in time, and in its original language with all idioms clearly explained. Then and then only, can anyone sort out what is true from what is false or amended for whatever reasons. We will attempt to unravel just one knot concerning the relationship between the Divine Attributes or Sefiroth and Humanity, specifically in regards to how the Torah, Thought and Torus come in to play around us, outside of us and within us, streaming through the Shekhinah EL Energy manifestation of Elohim. I contend that if we look through the eyes of Bereshit/Genesis to examine the message established by both Moses and John, the Light of Shekhinah would immediately transform that darkness into knowing. Remember, we were told that ‘we know not what we do’ while sitting in the darkness of the material world and death, this is why the Salvation was already created from the Beginning. Leo Schaya explains to us that the Ten Words or Dibburim of Creation refers to the Divine Attributes impressed into pure and universal substance he calls the “Avir Qadmon – Primordial Ether”; this brings us back to the substance of the Heavens and the Shamamyim as a real tangible existence, not mythology, or religion or even scientific theories or cosmological laws. When we can see the same product or result in the Torah, our own Thought and Thinking process, and the operation and purpose of the Torus even just a fraction, of this reality and understanding will instantly recreate your own consciousness. Schaya describes this relationship between Aether, Sound, visionary activity and the revelation on Mount Sinai in more detail: In the Beginning, His Ten Words of Creation were at first impressed in pure and universal substance, the “primordial Ether” (Avir Qadmon) and then into the subtle substance of heaven and the solidified matter of earth, from which all that was created was brought forth. On Mount Sinai, his ten revealing Words were at first engraved in the stone tablets [which were still completely transparent, as they issued directly from the ‘primordial Ether’, the substance of the Tree of Life] and all that was hidden became invisible to the eyes and were perceived by the minds of all Israel: everything became clear to them. Schaya, Universal Aspects of the Kabbalah & Judaism, (pg 46) World Wisdom 2014

The Time before Time
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Extract from Torus E-book Foundations of Big Bang Cosmology

“Please keep in mind the following important points to avoid misconceptions about the Big Bang and expansion: The Big Bang did not occur at a single point in space as an "explosion." It is better thought of as the simultaneous appearance of space everywhere in the universe. That region of space that is within our present horizon was indeed no bigger than a point in the past. Nevertheless, if all of space both inside and outside our horizon is infinite now, it was born infinite. If it is closed and finite, then it was born with zero volume and grew from that. In neither case is there a "center of expansion" - a point from which the universe is expanding away from an origin point. In the ball analogy, the radius of the ball grows as the universe expands, but all points on the surface of the ball (the universe) recede from each other in an identical fashion. The interior of the ball should not be regarded as part of the universe in this analogy.” If you consider the Emanation Theory and how the Point or Yodh gives birth to the differentiated Aether, then you should also realize that when the new Creation began after the Resurrection – it too simultaneously expanded and filled up the invisible world with an expansion of Spiritual Substance – the basis of our new Universe will not be material, but a combination of Spirit and Human consciousness. The expansion begins in us here and now through our understanding and experience of life, when we begin to see how there is another creation already prepared for us right from the Beginning. Perhaps Isabel Piczek surmised something similar when she realized there is a new direction. That is a big deal to describe a new direction other than our 3 dimensional world and quadrants of the Earth and Universe. This surpasses the length, width, depth and height that Paul describes also, because all these things describe physical material existence.

Another extract from UVS- E-Book "In the Universe, in the rotating aetheric streams, first fundamental particles are sequentially formed, and then in the process of decreasing the speed of rotation of the streams, elementary particles and their chains, atoms, molecules, stars and planets are formed. Powerful combined etheric streams form galaxies. First irregular, then elliptical, lenticular, and finally, when approaching the middle belt of the Universe - spiral. Spiral galaxies, the force of gravity and aetheric vortices form the core of a galaxy with a supermassive black hole, which is activated when it leaves the middle belt of the Universe. The supermassive black hole of the galaxy captures ethereal jets with planets and stars and converts them into atoms and elementary particles, which are ejected from the funnel of the supermassive black hole as a glowing stream. Spiral galaxies are gradually transforming into quasars - the brightest inhabitants of the Universe. The supermassive black hole of the galaxy becomes like a rocket engine that propels a quasar to tremendous speeds. It is known that all quasars move exclusively from us, that is, they always move away. Moreover, the speed of quasars at a closer distance from the earth is less than that of quasars that are at a farther distance. Scientists astronomers have discovered a quasar at a distance of about 13 billion light years from the earth. According to their estimates, the speed of movement of the most distant quasars approaches the speed of light and is about 250 thousand kilometers per second. Quasars that are closer to the ground travel at much lower speeds. Spiral galaxies and their clusters, having overcome the middle belt of the Universe, rush to the frontal funnel of its black hole. In this case, based on the geometrical features of the torus universe, these galaxies should not move away from each other, but quite the opposite - should approach. It is quite easy to explain the convergence of galaxies and their mass unidirectional motion in the Universe, which was called "dark stream", if we take the toroidal structure of the Universe as a basis. Therefore, the dark stream, in fact, is an organized movement of galaxies moving from one black hole funnel to another black hole funnel of the universe." Modern science does not take into account that mere mathematics and equations cannot ever capture Spirit or its true source of Being and Energy. But we can learn from their blind spots, how to see what is hidden from our physical eyes, by using our imagination and intelligence. Humans will not loose their place in the hierarchy of Spiritual reality - unless it is by choice. Be not conformed to the physical appearance of things, not even the physical death for we no that our Savior died, was buried and rose from the flesh a Living Life Giving Existence of Reality, which left a record of its self in the image on the Shroud and in the Face Covering which was also found in the tomb neatly wrapped and folded. Nothing of the physical world was needed once the transformation back into Pure Energy/Light has taken place.

What does super cluster quasars and galaxies speeding away from our part of the universe, have to do with the Shroud of Turin? It is all still a mystery to many scientists how and why we are so far away from the ongoing expansion and how the misnomer 'dark matter' is solved when we realize that frozen ether is what makes up most of the universe. The Shroud will also remain a mystery to modern science, in spite of the research of other physicists such as Dame Isabel Piczek and the work of countless others who have continued researching the Shroud today. In the final analysis - each person will have to realize we each are a universe and tabernacle mightily constructed and animated by Elohim for a purpose. The black hole and the white hole can be thought of as Omega and Alpha or Tav and Aleph then you can see the inner workings of the Torus through the aether and our own physiology. The below extract from the UVS E-Book - provides more important details that you will only find there: "In addition, the hypothesis explains the nature of the super galaxy cluster. The fact is that when approaching the frontal funnel of the black hole of the Universe, quasars that are part of super clusters complete the process of converting the stars and planets of the galaxy into particles and atoms. These particles and atoms are almost in a single portion in a single aetheric stream directed into the black hole of the Universe, and then into the universal core. At the core of the universe, they break down and release the ether of which they are made. The reproduced pure ether increases the pressure in the core of the Universe to critical values, and colossal portions of the ether are ejected from the core through the back funnel of the black hole of the Universe. Subsequently, particles, atoms, stars, planets, galaxies and their super clusters are formed in these etheric streams. In this case, the amount of ether entering the core of the Universe in the form of atoms and particles will be equal to the amount of ether that escapes from the core of the Universe and from which a new super cluster of galaxies will be formed. This point of view finds its confirmation in the study of super clusters of galaxies such as "Sloan's Great Wall", "Hercules Great Wall - Northern Crown", etc. All of them have a flat rounded structure with huge radii and represent a kind of colossal portions of stars and planets. The hypothesis of the toroidal model of the Universe is based on the recognition of the ether and fully meets the requirements of the laws of the structure of the world. The Universe is a closed system, and, therefore, it can exist for a long time with practically no loss of matter and energy, regardless of external factors. Basically, the supposed structure of the universe has matter that converts to energy and energy to matter. Therefore, the Universe functions reliably and cyclically - from pure ether to the material world, and from it - to pure ether and then again to material particles, stars and planets. And this process has been going on regularly for billions of billions of years."

Extraction from UVS - E-Book "The structure and functioning of the universe The process of formation of particles, atoms, stars and galaxies, according to the scientist, is also quite simple. It is based on the sequential formation of ether vortices of various sizes and on the process of making chains. For example, small ethereal vortices form supposed, but not yet discovered fundamental tiny particles - ethereal vortex clots, which combine into chains. These chains represent energy fractions. Chains of energy fractions form photons. From chains of photons, neutrinos and antineutrinos are composed. From neutrino chains - positrons, and from antineutrino chains - electrons. Chains of positrons and electrons form protons and neutrons, and they, in turn, are the nuclei of atoms of chemical elements. Atoms also combine into chains and form molecules. Molecules and atoms combine to form stars. When stars collide, they break into pieces, from which planets can form. Stars and planets form planetary systems that make up galaxies. Galaxies gather in clusters of galaxies and they are in super clusters. All this, together with the core, the universal tunnel and its funnels, constitutes the Universe. And all this happens in the etheric environment and consists of ether." Technology is a two edged sword - one blade destroys and one blade builds knowledge that is useful to demonstrate the missing facts that are are so crucial to our self -awareness and identity. When we understand and interact with the Spirit of Life through cosmology, physics, astronomy, geometry, linguistics, etymology. etc - we are becoming that life (Hay - Yah) and Being that is the Olam Universe - One Turn - One Direction a New Direction.

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