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Time and Time Again

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Eternal Time in the Kingdom

Time is a symbol of the measureless Day of Eternity. Eternity symbolizes the infinite possibilities of what is, but when the Angel of Time rests from the work of measuring the six days, the Kingdom suddenly awakens as the light rests in the seventh day. Adam will then reflect the image of the Universe. Time will serve a different purpose in the New Age. Carlos Suarez discovered the true mystery of the number 26 at the ‘end’ of time. This is what he says, we must grasp what the Sepher Yetzirah says about the Sephirot (I,7): their end is in the beginning and their beginning is in their end. This “end” is laid down in verse I,26 of Genesis, by the number 26, which makes us aware that the completion of YHWH is present from the beginning of human evolution, although it was not apparent at the beginning, nor is it even now, alas, the present condition of humanity. (49)

Humanity has to tune in to the wave of creation to complete the sequence. Genesis known for the seven “Let there be” commands that bring about the creation contains seven commands that undulate like the steps of a wave cycle that rest in a seventh movement that activates the eighth and the beginning of a new wave. Like the atom, Adam has seven shells that only become stable after the eighth commandment. Gen. 1:26, “Let us make Adam in our Image” is the eighth commandment that ‘speaks’ humanity into existence. This verse is evidence of a relationship between the number 26 and Adam who reflects the image of Elohim. Each ‘let there be’ command is a step in the creation process, but Adam is stable only after the spirit of Eloah has rested on the seventh day. The eighth day signifies a return to the beginning of the week, or the original day of Eternity when the divine presence dwells with us. The world of Olam Atziluth, the World of Emanation that generates Eternity consists of three realms that parallel the Kaddishim: