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How can we enter the Spiritual Heavens through Science?

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Aleph-Tav Shammayim day-to-day utters speech through the hieroglyphics that signify each letter as night-by-night the actual meanings are thrown into chaos and confusion results. We have to declare and accept the order keeping covenant of the living multi-faceted Name Shammayim (Heavens) of YHVH knowledge. There is no speech or language among people that can remain hidden from the Spirit of Yahveh, for even the tongue of angels are as those 21 whispering winds that blow upon the multidimensional Kosmos that sustains the macrocosm and microcosm upon the surface of time’s atmosphere. Ruach Ha-Kadosh breathes a wave of electromagnetic energy transmitters, just as the Aleph Tav emits living invisible particles of spirit which etherealize our brain to restructure our consciousness. Without them no sound or frequency would resonate within our consciousness or ears, for everything resides in the cloud of our consciousness in a latent state, unless there is a change in energy and temperature. What does this mean? That language contains seeds or particles of ideas that originate in each of these letters and they demonstrate a sequence of operations that is behind physical creation it brings forth in the world of action. The Day of First Light emanates a seven-fold array from within the Universal Heavenly Tabernacle; only on the 4th day after the sun is placed in the midst of our heavens did night and day exist. As the Divine Name measures each heaven the weight of its mass rests upon the

aetherial spaces from which the planets revolve in the vortices of Eloah.

What does all this mean? Science studies and reports on the amazing things our Universe is made of and attempts to explain to us how and why it operates as it does. Yet, Science cannot ever realize the abstract reality of the soul because instruments of metal or artificial chemicals can never enter the realm of the essential substance, but this does not negate the fact that invisible things do exist and are the very same foundation of every material thing on the earth.

There are worlds within worlds that Science, Religion, Philosophy or Theosophy cannot enter for these are archaic concepts that derived from the old Adam/Atom and they must give way to the true substance of reality that move and breathe within everyday of our lives. The atmosphere is just a mere replica of how we are surrounded by the cloud of Yahveh in the abstract state of water, air and fire.