How can we enter the Spiritual Heavens through Science?

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Aleph-Tav Shammayim day-to-day utters speech through the hieroglyphics that signify each letter as night-by-night the actual meanings are thrown into chaos and confusion results. We have to declare and accept the order keeping covenant of the living multi-faceted Name Shammayim (Heavens) of YHVH knowledge. There is no speech or language among people that can remain hidden from the Spirit of Yahveh, for even the tongue of angels are as those 21 whispering winds that blow upon the multidimensional Kosmos that sustains the macrocosm and microcosm upon the surface of time’s atmosphere. Ruach Ha-Kadosh breathes a wave of electromagnetic energy transmitters, just as the Aleph Tav emits living invisible particles of spirit which etherealize our brain to restructure our consciousness. Without them no sound or frequency would resonate within our consciousness or ears, for everything resides in the cloud of our consciousness in a latent state, unless there is a change in energy and temperature. What does this mean? That language contains seeds or particles of ideas that originate in each of these letters and they demonstrate a sequence of operations that is behind physical creation it brings forth in the world of action. The Day of First Light emanates a seven-fold array from within the Universal Heavenly Tabernacle; only on the 4th day after the sun is placed in the midst of our heavens did night and day exist. As the Divine Name measures each heaven the weight of its mass rests upon the

aetherial spaces from which the planets revolve in the vortices of Eloah.

What does all this mean? Science studies and reports on the amazing things our Universe is made of and attempts to explain to us how and why it operates as it does. Yet, Science cannot ever realize the abstract reality of the soul because instruments of metal or artificial chemicals can never enter the realm of the essential substance, but this does not negate the fact that invisible things do exist and are the very same foundation of every material thing on the earth.

There are worlds within worlds that Science, Religion, Philosophy or Theosophy cannot enter for these are archaic concepts that derived from the old Adam/Atom and they must give way to the true substance of reality that move and breathe within everyday of our lives. The atmosphere is just a mere replica of how we are surrounded by the cloud of Yahveh in the abstract state of water, air and fire.

Just as each of the 21 letters are like roots that remain inpotentia until we enter the ‘real spiritual time’ of their domain, for only then can we use our own conscious reflection on these invisible realities of energy and motion to shape and form our thoughts through the 3-fold Elohim template. The three domains consist of seven energies that open your consciousness to a series of higher spiritual realities that develop from your own personal experience and skill in learning and studying the letters meanings and applications in life. Eventually the Aleph Tav circuit will help you understand how to cross over from the psychological, mental and emotional plane to a higher celestial frequency. It is a matter of expanding your mind to contemplate this system of letters that will actually induce the migration and gradual elevation of your mind and thoughts. Through our consciousness is where we encounter the clouds of Yahveh to gain entrance into the Promised Land - that is already inside of us.

These seven energies or Spirits also surround the Throne like a rainbow of Aether, fire, waters, air, atoms, particles, waves and frequencies that are actually the cosmological manifestation of the Universal attributes of Elohim at work, for the creation is still in process and is not finished yet. Right before our very eyes we can see very little of the vast Universe, except the Sun and Moon and a few of the stars. Advancements in astronomy and telescopes demonstrate those invisible things the naked eye cannot see. The reality behind this phenomena is multifaceted.

Only now can modern man see the Glory and wonder of the Universe, that is really the handiwork of the primordial archetype Son all ancient nations and cultures mimicked. Humans need physical equipment to see just the surface level of the immense galaxies and quasars that are spinning faster and faster away from our Milky Way. Only this generation could furnish the technology to reveal these things, for truly all things will be revealed to this generation that has never been seen before. As science and technology thrive so does our ability to discern invisible phenomena of Yahveh, which in turn increases the level of our spiritual identity. On the other hand, while anyone of us can engage our mortal intelligence to absorb all this amazing data quickly, the inner processing of this type of knowledge continues to transform gradually without really being understood or experienced with our conscious awareness. This prolongs our experiences of good and evil in this world.

To break the cycle of negative energy that now threatens to collapse upon us all, we must learn how to communicate with those unused positive emotions on high, that lay buried in the Hebrew language and history. History and etymology support each other and can help us to learn more than just how to read the Name of the Heavens, but to also learn how to measure their effects and actions on our inner awareness. We each contain a set of Heavens or Shammayim/Names and each must be measured, weighed and labeled according to the Sefer Yetzirah before you can balance your negative and positive poles of thought. Emotions are like oceans of tumultuous waters that pull people into the undertow and abyss. Right now emotions are being manipulated to provoke and control behavior, it is important to not let your thoughts be swept away by all the terrible things happening in the world right now. To focus on the horrible images is creating false sensory data to your brain, where they become a part of your thinking process, without your immediate awareness. Images are planting seeds in your thoughts. Only after we become aware of how conditioned we are to material things can we begin to realize there are unique layers that each one of us has to pull back, before any ability ‘to do’ is possible. Observation of our own inner thoughts and emotions is the only way to survive and cross the threshold of the tehom or deep, and if you are not really called to this level of spiritual identity intelligence, then crossing over the abyss is not really in your best interest to pursue at this time. The contraction of one’s own self-perception involves observing and ruling over one’s own Ego, and the shadow it can cast upon the moon of others. The moon is gravitationally united to the Earth, and the Earth is gravitationally united to the Sun, just as we are united to the Son and the Son is united to the Father.

When we realize that Aether is a part of nature and the Universe which connects us all together, it can engage our imagination in a new way. True Being relies on consciousness and awareness of one’s spiritual self. My intuition grew regarding certain concepts that triggered my memory, not a memory of a past life, but of this ancient Wisdom! I can see through this ‘esse’ [what is] because I do not carry preconceived ideas, I keep an open mind. Once, there is a starting point, the rest emerges from our own internal engagement with the concepts based on each one’s ability to receive wisdom.

We each have this Light of consciousness in various proportions - almost like the force of Star Wars (but not quite) for this Light is a protective shield Wisdom helps to survive mentally and psychologically! During the Third Awakening of the Reformation, people were experiencing 'direct spiritual inspirations' and were being attacked by those who had never experienced anything at all. Our experiences help form our identity, we were all created the same with senses and an intellect that can be fooled, but we also have an inner self that holds the key to who we are. When we learn to name the wild animals and discern the tame animals of our ego and sub-consciousness, then we are engaging with the divine attributes in motion. Our thoughts contain animals of all types, and they create various emotional states that hold us captive to illusions. When we learn more about our thought, we begin to take back our life from the influence of others.

This is that ‘unique self’ Isaac ibn Latif writes about, many people throughout the ages have written down everything we need to grow and transform. We just have to know how to interact with this information and allow it to change our mortal thoughts into immortal thoughts through 'Hamshakhah' the ‘emanation of aether’ from its dense primordial point into the branches of the sephiroth that run throughout the interior or Holy Place of the Archetype Tabernacle. Thought is like the Aether in that it takes hold of all ideas and combines them into forms (concepts) that are invisible and can manifest physically. We are this whole process in motion..... Knowledge and Wisdom is power in the Kingdom. It begins to shape and refashion our state of Eretz, or land which is an analogy for our mind. We were taken from Adamah; there are stages of spiritual growth based on the amount of light available to new sprouts of growth. Your thoughts can inhabit the Heavens and pull down their saving grace and bring mercy and love and strength back to the land. Your thoughts are your Crown – let no one take your Crown!

How does YHVH emanate Elohim? According to Latif, there is a dynamic motion of manifestation of this invisible process that is projected into the human mind, which permits one to experience the 'Beginning' (Aleph) and 'Ending' (Thav) through a series of events known as ‘emanations’ these are the places in the Kingdom. Thoughts are the particles that form our concepts which become alive when we contemplate and activate them in our lives daily. This is bringing down the Heavens to Earth. These letters can combine and create spiritual changes in our consciousness that permit us to escape negative energy around us. Each Hebrew letter has a type of energy and manifestation in our life, when one is aware of this reality it becomes a shield of Light and Ruach dwells upon the perimeter of our mind.

Glimpses of the mysteries of the Merkabah may be discerned in such rabbinical sayings as the following: "The angel Sandalfon towers above the rest of the angels the length of a five hundred years' journey; his feet touch the earth while his head reaches the holy Ḥayyot. He stands behind the Throne-Chariot binding wreaths for his Master" (Ḥag. 13b). To R. Ishmael b. Elisha is ascribed the saying that when offering the incense in the Temple as high priest he beheld the angel Akatriel ("the wreath-binding one"; Sandalfon?) seated on the Throne and asked him for a blessing (Ber. 7a; comp. Bacher, "Ag. Tan." i. 267). One of these great archangels is said to equal in size a third part of the world (Ex. R. iii.). Concerning the lion, the ox, the eagle, and the man as the four faces of the Ḥayyot, see Ḥag. 13b; on account of these four, which carry God's Throne-Chariot, the latter is called also "Tetramoulon"="Quadriga" (Ex. R. iii. 3; comp. Jellinek, "B. H." iii. 92-95).

Auriga and Quadriga = Tetramoulon Throne Chariot

The Mithra myth is based on a corruption of the vision of Ezekiel. Some have even contributed Enoch and Metatron as an outgrowth of Mithraism which clearly shows that very valuable knowledge has been lost and re-written by others to support their own cultural views on reality. Ezekiel’s vision has become the focus point of various interpretations, but only the Messiah of Nazareth is the mysterious figure Ezekiel saw enthroned above the 4 worlds. This teaching does not need to be interpreted by outside sources based on personal assumptions concerning the nature of Merkavah and Apocalyptic literature, which are in themselves relics of a lost teaching taught by the Memra or heard through Dabar. It is important to keep in mind that the prophets of Israel were real historical figures of renown, who did not claim the ability to force or experience visions. The Hand of YHVH comes upon them, or speaks to them or shows them a parable in visionary form, whether as a dream or revelation; the prophet receives it not through supernatural means or methods, but by the Ruach YHVH. To rediscover the truth behind these symbols of the Merkavah and 4 Worlds, we must be vigilant. The following Hebrew Hieroglyphic depicts how the Tetragrammaton forms the figure of a man/woman, which represent the Spirit and Matter as one. YHVH or Tetragrammaton represent the 4 Worlds: Atziluth-Beriyah-Yetzirah-Assiyah or worlds of Emanation- Creation-Formation - Materialization

This is an ancient illustration, just one more example of the unique features of Hebrew literature, when we look at it through the eyes of science, consciousness, psychology, metaphysics and philosophy.

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