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DAILY DOSE: October, Luminiferous Aether

About the Shroud of Turin:

The following excerpt touches upon the properties of light, waves and Aether that presents us with a way to understand how the image could be the result of emanation upon the top layer of fibers, which no scientist, artist or physicist has been able to reproduce to their own satisfaction.  It is truly a Mystery that is still unresolved only to those who do not look beneath the mere surface reality of things.   It is not really so important to know exactly how the imaged was formed as it is to understand the next stage of human development.  The New Kingdom is within us those who continue to look outside for the answers will always find an assortment of answers that do not really respond to the true reality of things.  

 “Luminiferous aether is defined as the theoretical substance through which all planetary bodies are suspended. It was assumed to fill the air. Vibrations in this substance were the supposed source of light and other phenomena, including electromagnetic radiation. Sound waves also supposedly traveled through the luminiferous aether and were affected by its vibrations. This concept was a proposed solution to the apparent issue of light waves traveling through the ''vacuum'' of empty air. There appeared to be no substance in which light could travel, and so light as a wave appeared to defy all the laws of physics. The luminiferous aether was a way for scientists to reconcile this problem. In the physics world, the luminiferous aether was understood as the medium for the transmission of many types of waves. This substance was also referred to as "the aether" or "the ether." Luminiferous means ''light-bearing.''

This term emphasizes the most important theory regarding the substance: that it manipulated light and increased or decreased its velocity. The luminiferous aether was said to be the substance through which light moved. The image is a natural result of the Aether and its ability to form holographic 3D data and is proof that Aether will and does contain the memory of everything that has taken place in time and space.