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NEW! Book of Mirrors: An Exploration of Science and Kabbalah

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

NOW RELEASED Book by Bettina Morello & Giorgio Gardino-Colonna

A collaborative effort by Bettina Morello and Giorgio Gardino-Colonna has lead to the long awaited release of their book: "Book of Mirrors: An Exploration of Science and Kabbalah".

A little bit about the book:

We have the evidence to solve the mystery of our origin. When this text is used in conjunction with ancient teachings and apocalyptic literature, a new understanding emerges that is full of meaning and significance for our own present and future development. In this rare Hebrew literature you will find realities currently unknown, and with focus and awareness of the Sephiroth and Tree of Life teachings, it will begin to reveal what we should have known all along. The Ten Names and Sephiroth were emanated from EL, the source, substance and sustenance of life; those original Ten Lights of Intellectual Perception still endure as real phenomena..

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