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About Us

An Exploration of Consciousness, Time, Fixed Stars, and Torus Energy.

Open Minds Dedicated to Cutting Edge Research in Science and Kabbalah.

Our Story

Does consciousness have an influence on our personal experience of time? Carl Jung’s Synchronicity theory states that humanity shares an unconscious connection with all the concepts, symbols, dreams, arts and language of every human. Leonora Leet says there is a ‘synchronicity’ factor that influences reality in the fifth dimension. At this level, a higher sense of divine determination is at play in the Universe and justice prevails over unrighteousness. Rudolph Steiner suggests there are hidden [Akashic] records that contain all human thoughts, discoveries and impressions. Others believe it is a supernatural ability to tap into the various dimensions of cosmic consciousness. The mystics believe our ability to tap into ‘wisdom consciousness’ emanates from the divine attributes sleeping in us; these are the places Paul calls ‘heavenly’. Angelic beings can manipulate these places inside us some for the ‘light’ and some for the ‘dark’. The Dead Sea scrolls contain accounts of the war between the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness battling for the souls of man. Many ancient near eastern nations believed in a system based on the proportion and depth of the soul and how much of it contains light or darkness. Apocalyptic authors describe the war as a battle inside human consciousness. If the human consciousness is brimming with darkness, it manifests that darkness in its environment. The consciousness of light can enlighten our surroundings and the lack of it can darken our horizons. We are on the brink of total destruction, anarchy and despair. Yet, the biggest battle of all is not weapons of mass destruction, but thoughts. Can our thoughts influence time? When humanity’s consciousness is dark, then the effects of death (gravity) can roam freely, this has an effect on how we experience time. As gravity eats space, time is born. Everyone knows that time flies when life is fun and exciting and in contrast how long events seem to last when life is hard and scary; time seems like it lasts forever. This hour will seem like an eternity to those persecuted and killed in this unnecessary sacrifice. In this dire hour of world wars, chemical weapons, tsunamis, earthquakes and viruses, humanity’s consciousness bombarded with the finiteness of time, falls under the flood of fears that sweep the earth. Unfortunately, the two tools at hand, ‘religion’ and ‘science’ that could be the light and wisdom of these dark days; are instead at war with each other. Some scientists use time as a tool to chisel away the credibility of a pre-existent being destined to come according to Enoch. Time and spirituality inextricably bound together is so much a part of the religious experience in many different faiths that it seems very strange that science interprets time in such a way as to say a Creator cannot exist within time. Some say a Creator does not exist in a personal relationship with anyone or anything because we live in time. This is not the idea found in Semitic scriptures, but of Greek philosophy.

We explore ideas like this and want to make it available to you and open the door for you to discover more about our history and your own consciousness. We invite you to comment on the blog posts and read through the material proved in our library. 

We also offer services like, learning Hebrew, and star chart readings.

Get to Know Us

We come from various backgrounds, ages, and philosophy - what we have in common is our desire to bring unity and understanding to our daily lives.    We embark upon this journey to provide a meaningful platform for further research and discovery of the Torus,  Hebrew, Hieroglyphics and the Hydrogen Atom.  Your comments and research is welcome and we encourage you to participate in the various blogs of our writers.

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